Salvatore is a passionated photographer. His interest for photography started when he was young. He was fascinated by the ability to catch moments and emotions in one instant of second. He is eager for knowledge. He grown experimenting with the camera and looking at works of others like Henry Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa. Reading magazines like National Geographic.

After all these years he found out that sharing is the base of the knowledge and the satisfaction of people’s interests. It is not important being a professional, an amateur, or a beginner. The important is that it is true. And these are the values for Salvatore today. Learn, discover, and share what he sees and the fashion he sees.

With this scope in mind he decided to attend one year long course in photography and multimedia communication in 2010 at the darkroom school.

Salvatore nowadays spend his free time developing his own projects and share them without profit. In fact he believes that his passion can give and must give a social contribution, too.

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