Hinamatsuri (2012)
Hinamatsuri 2012

Hinamatsuri (2012)

Like Baci (2012), Hinamatsuri (2012) is one of my first projects i have worked on during my course of photography at the darkroom school. A pleasant and joyful event in a nice environment and atmosphere.

Japanese foods and arts, traditional clothes and tea ceremony were the heart of this event organized by IROHA. During the event, the audience could not only learn more about Japan, but also to participate actively to the shows arranged by the promoters.

The exhibition took place one year after the tsunami of Fukushima. People that have experienced in first person the tragedy have shared with the spectators their own experience and feelings.
On the whole, a really interesting event that needs to be revisited in the coming years.

Salvatore Castelli

Salvatore Castelli is a amateur and passionate photographer and writer. His interest is to share with other what he know and what he sees. And the way he sees. In the world there are a lot of things that need to be discovered. Both bad and nice. And this is his mission.
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